Saturday, October 31, 2015

Exerpt from"Black and Atheist Too: My Journey Living Through Discovery of the Non-existence of God" by Dr. Arthur R Byrd

During the one year I underwent chemotherapy, I faced the issue of whether I would die from the cancer.  At no time did I consider God as an answer.  I am reminded of Christopher Hitchens, who said as he was approaching death.  In his fragmentary jottings, published in the Daily Telegraph, he wrote: ‘I am not fighting or battling cancer, it is fighting me. My two assets were my pen and my voice.’

Hitchens knew he was dying but saw the funny side of all the glowing praise for his literary work. “Now so many tributes that it also seems that rumors of my LIFE have also been greatly exaggerated.”

Lived to see most of what’s going to be written about me: this too is exhilarating, but hits diminishing returns when I realize how soon it, too will be “background.

He wrote: ‘Those who say I am being punished are saying that god can’t think of anything more vengeful than cancer for a heavy smoker.’

He maintained his devout atheism after being diagnosed with cancer, telling one interviewer: ‘No evidence or argument has yet been presented which would change my mind. But I like surprises.

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