Thursday, June 2, 2016

Black and Atheist Too: My Journey Living Through Discovery of the Non-existence of God, by Dr. Arthur R. Byrd

Black and Atheist Too: My Journey Living Through Discovery of the Non-existence of God by Dr. Arthur R. Byrd.
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Dr. Arthur R. Byrd is a retired community college Vice President.  He worked 37 years in community colleges in the states of Washington, Oregon, California, and Nevada; 24 years as a vice president for student services. Dr. Byrd was awarded a doctorate degree from the University of Washington. In addition, he served as adjunct faculty in six universities in both undergraduate and graduate studies for Portland State University, Portland OR; Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA; Chapman University, Orange, CA; CSU, Long Beach, Long Beach, CA; University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV, and Alliant International University – Online. His disciplines include Ethnic Studies, Communications, and Education.  Dr. Byrd grew up in a small rural community of 500 people called Nigton, Texas, located in the piney woods of east Texas, during the Jim Crow segregation era. The community’s social and cultural life focused on three Churches, three juke joints, plus a school. Growing up Dr. Byrd focused on the religious aspects of his community, but at the age of 19, while in the United States Air Force, he had an intellectual epiphany and transitioned into becoming an atheist.  He has been an outspoken atheist since that time.  Since his retirement from higher education in 2011, Dr. Byrd has dedicated himself to the study of the history and philosophy of religion, culminating in the writing of a book that chronicles his transition to atheism, and the various stages of atheist he has experienced up until the present time. 


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Black and Atheist Too

A new and exciting book.  Available now.  You will follow Dr. Byrd from his

humble Christian upbringing in the small rural community of Nigton, Texas, through his 

transition to atheism while in the Air Force in the sixties.  In this book you will gain insight 

on what it means to be Black and Atheist.  After his conversion to atheism, Dr. Byrd takes 

you on a journey in his life through his academic and intellectual development on atheism; 

the humor of the Bible and many religious practices; dealing with tragedy and death without 

God; an exploration of the Gods of many lands, superstitions, and the miss-application of 

knowledge; and finally a critique of the comparative morality of believers versus non-

believers.  You will also understand the anguish one endures as a Black who questions the 

existence of God; the sense of isolation, the sense of frustration, and being labeled a 

“Doubting Thomas”.  The book is also documented with historical and statistical references 

on the development of religion and its resulting practices.  A must read for religious and non-

religious people alike.

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