Thursday, March 23, 2017

Book Release: "Black and Atheist Too: My Journey Living Through Discovery of the Non-existence of God", by Dr. Arthur R. Byrd.

BLACK AND ATHEIST TOO: MY JOURNEY LIVING THROUGH DISCOVERY OF THE NON-EXISTENCE OF GOD, by Dr. Arthur R. Byrd. atheist, atheism Black and Atheist Too A new and exciting book. Available now. You will follow Dr. Byrd from his humble Christian upbringing in the small rural community of Nigton, Texas, through his transition to atheism while in the Air Force in the sixties. In this book you will gain insight on what it means to be Black and Atheist. After his conversion to atheism, Dr. Byrd takes you on a journey in his life through his academic and intellectual development on atheism; the humor of the Bible and many religious practices; dealing with tragedy and death without God; an exploration of the Gods of many lands, superstitions, and the miss-application of knowledge; and finally a critique of the comparative morality of believers versus non- believers. You will also understand the anguish one endures as a Black who questions the existence of God; the sense of isolation, the sense of frustration, and being labeled a “Doubting Thomas”. The book is also documented with historical and statistical references on the development of religion and its resulting practices. A must read for religious and non- religious people alike. Copies are available now. Go to my blog at Black and Atheist Too to order your copy.

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